The Laboratory staff members are teaching and researching in the followings scientific fields in the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment: Torrent water management,  Mountainous Hydro-meteorology, environmental hydrology and hydraulics, forest hydrology and snow management, watershed hydrological management, flood protection, Water shortage and water supply, reservoirs, sediment control, earthflows prevention, landslides, erosion and silting, natural and artificial lakes protection, erosion and desertification control, soil bio-engineering measures of hill and soil stabilization, dimensioning of the aforementioned introversions , Water canals, storage basin.


Undergraduate courses

  1. Meteorology and Climatology

  2. Mountain Hydronomics Ι and II (Torrent Management and Control)

  3. General Hydraulics & Hydrology, Potamology

  4. Physical geography – Geomorphology

  5. Petrography-General & Engineering Geology

  6. Soil bio-engineering measures of hill and soil stabilization

  7. Torrent, River and Lake Environmental Management

  8. Forest Hydrology

  9. Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works

  10. Snow, Skiing Centers

  11. Dam Construction


Postgraduate Courses

  1. Stochastic Hydrology

  2. Mountainous Water Management Methods and Principles - The science of hydrology in the management of watersheds

  3. Innovative Mountainous Water Management Models - Sediment Transport mechanisms (creation, transport, deposition

  4. Forest and Water Engineering Works in Relation to the Environment - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies

Research activities during summer in Pertouli University Forest